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Retired, RESK Consulting, LLC

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Past Positions:

Executive Vice President of Finance, Marathon Automotive Group (2006-2009)

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer: GDX Automotive (2004-2005)

Vice President : Guilford, Inc. (2004); Advisor (2004-2005)

Executive Vice President, Admin. & Chief Financial Officer:† Pilot Industries (2002)

Director, Executive Vice President & CFO:† Diversified Diemakers (1999)

Director, Executive Vice President & CFO:† Ganton Technologies Inc. (1995-1999)

Vice President of Finance:† Scott Forsman & Company (1992-1995)

Former Companies:† Westinghouse; Group W Cable; Muzak



Robert Eckert is a founding member of RESK Consulting, LLC, a management-consulting firm that assists clients in identifying and investigating potential acquisitions.† RESK also provides leadership, vision, and operational management for troubled companies.


2006-2009, Mr. Eckert was Executive Vice President of† Finance for Marathon Automotive Group and as such lead the bankruptcy effort of the portfolio company CONTECH, a 2007 acquisition that was sold through the Chapter 11 process due to over 50% decline in revenues and too much debt.


2004-2005, Mr. Eckert was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of GDX Automotive. GDX is a leading global supplier which designs, markets and manufactures highly engineered sealing systems for both dynamic and static automotive applications. GDX products include weather-strip seals, glass encapsulation, modular sealing systems, engine dampers and anti-vibration components.† GDX operates twenty-one plants including eleven in North America, eight in Europe and two joint ventures in China.


2004, Mr. Eckert was Executive Vice President of Guilford, Inc. to provide leadership in strategic and financial planning. Guilford is one of the largest manufacturers of body-cloth and the leading headliner fabric producer in the US and Europe. Mr. Eckert remains an advisor to Guilford.


2002, Mr. Eckert† was Executive Vice President, Administration & Chief Financial Officer of Pilot Industries, Inc.†† Pilot is a full service tier 1 automotive supplier that designs, engineers and manufactures fluid management systems and structural composite components. Pilot was sold to Martinrea International at the end of 2002.


Mr. Eckert has over thirty years experience in the finance field with numerous assignments involving turnaround situations.† He began his career at Westinghouse where he became the youngest financial manager to be promoted to Division Controller.† Mr. Eckert made numerous contributions at Westinghouse during their acquisition and divestiture phases.† He garnered a reputation as a turnaround specialist, and was asked to take on assignments at various troubled units.†


Mr. Eckert was the Senior Financial Officer at Muzak and was Director, Treasurer and Senior Financial Officer of Group W Cable.† After he left Westinghouse in 1991, Mr. Eckert joined Scott Forsman & Company as the Vice President of Finance.† He joined Ganton Technologies Inc. in 1995 as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.† Following Gantonís ownership change and subsequent restructuring, he was elected to the† Board of Directors in 1997 and ultimately was promoted to Executive Vice President in 1999.† He was one of the key members of the acquisition team and together with Mr. Rowlett, the Chief Executive Officer, was responsible for the purchase and assimilation of Diemakers into the Ganton fold.† Later, he was assigned the added responsibility for Information Technology Services.†



Mr. Eckert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Mt. St. Maryís College.


Industry Experience:

Automotive:† die-casting; electromechanical assembly; machining

Other Industries:† broadcasting; elevators; industrial; publishing; retail; transformers


Turnaround Experience:

Ganton Technologies Inc., Scott Forsman & Company, Group W Cable of Chicago, Muzak, Westinghouse Transformer Division



Mr. Eckert is a team player who has a broad-based financial background in both large and small companies in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries.† He has the proven competence to complete the complex details for major products, most notably financial restructuring and acquisition analysis.† He has been a key player in both acquisitions and divestitures including a successful transition out of bankruptcy.† He is capable of making unpopular decisions relating to implementing necessary financial controls and discipline within the organization.† His familiarity with banking, operations and accounting makes him a valuable asset to the team.





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